Wednesday, December 08, 2004

My Malaysia Trip

It's a long time since i came in here to update...

My Malaysia Trip
1st Day
Tiz time i went back to KL the first day i saw my nephew Ethan who is my aunt1 daughter's son. He is so cute and hyperactive. Always see him running around and smiling. So cute seeing him running, but then when he fall down he wun cry or anything one. Like a bull wor... Hehez... Then at night saw my the other niece named Zi hui. She is also my aunt1 son's daughter. She is quite shy when she sees us. Maybe becos too long nv c her tats why. On the first night we set off to Langkawi. I sit behind my parent and Kien Jean my the other nephew who is bigger than me by 5 yrs sit behind me. We did not talk on the first night. But gradually, we began to tok to each other... Hehez...

2nd day
We have reached the port that the boat will bring us to langkawi at about 7am. We took the boat tat was around 7.45am one. Reached langkawi at about 9am. My first reaction was " wah... the water is so clear and the island is veri nice." First day in langkawi we followed the tour until afternoon 3 plus like tat. We sat the bus to different places and i sat behind with kien jean, chia hui they all. We visited the Perdana Galleria which we does not have alot of time there. The Galleria is realli veri big, alot of gifts, presents and souvenirs received by M’sia’s former Prime Minister, Dato’ Seri Dr. Mahathir Mohammad and his immediate family are placed in it. Then we went to black rice field. Where last time when thailand(not veri sure) wan to attack them and they burned all the rice so that they wun get the benefit of the rice. The bus also went pass the place called Mousoleum of Mahsuri is the place where her body are placed there. We did not go in the place as the tour guide say is not worth the money which is RM1.50. This has a story for it. Nx time then i will tell. After this we went to have our lunch. It's realli a veri heavy meal. After that, we went to the underwater world which was nearby juz a few steps away. I was quite disappointed when i saw it as it is not wat i expected at all. I still prefer singapore one more as it is much nicer. Then we went to our hotel named Bayview to have our rest. At night we went to have our dinner with the tour. And we went to have see the veri big eagle which was located near the port of it. It's realli veri big. I also saw a wishing star when i raised my head. Immediately i make my wish. The sky there is realli veri clear. I also see fireworks as tat day is deepavali so they are celebrating. Then we went to those shops to buy things and after that we went back hotel by ourselves to play cards. They play but i do my homework. Around 11pm we went to a nearby stall to have roti prata. So nice... too bad kien jean did not come along... Haha... No la, he wanted to come but then cannot find the way. So sad... I veri sacarstic rite, later get scolding... hehez ^_^

3rd day
We went snorkelling... So nice... Alot of beautiful fishes swimming. I even saw a few small sharks. I dare not swim to the deep side as i do not have a float. It's quite a pity actually. After playing for a long time, i went up to have my lunch. After that i did not went down again instead went to bath. Bath with sea water lor... Haha... We took our boat back to langkawi. Actually kien jean is sit beside me one wor, but then my cousin Ah pei jie jie ask him to go over. So sad, miss this chance to tok to him. Throughout the journey i was sleeping so were him. Then reach back hotel have a good bath. While bathing, someone knock the door asking if we wan to join them to go walk... I wanted but my dad say i juz went in so wun so fast come out... Realli regretted never go lor... Got chance to tok to kien jean one leh... Haha... Tat time will be realli onli the 2 of us to tok but not including those few kids around tacking along as they went swimming. Hai, miss this good opportunity. After that when those kids came up from swimming, we went to have our dinner. We waited quite a long time there. So kien jean and those few kids went walk walk. I wanted to go one, but then veri tired so nv go with them and listen to wat those adult talk about. After tat we went shopping again. Then back to hotel play cards again... Haha... me same again doin homework...

Last day in Langkawi
We had out breakfast in the hotel, then check out and went to the port to wait 4 our boat which is at 9.45am. We reached malaysai port at about 11am. Throughout the journey on the boat i did not sleep. Then we sit bus again to have our lunch. Tiz time i slept awhile so were kien jean, as he is sitting in front of me... Hehez... :P After lunch, i couldn't sleep so we watch the vcd provided by the other ppl in the tour. Then we have reached Ipoh and have our dinner there, i did not eat much as i ate quite alot during lunch. Then we continue our journey. Tiz time i change seat with kien jean's bro kien quan. He was sitting with me all the while after lunch. I got all their contact no. and saved it in my phone. As the journey back, we had our chat together with the two kid beside us. Then i show them one photo i took with my godbro. Tat kien jean say we very compatitable then i start to tickle him. Hehez... Awhile later, the two kid beside me and kien jean were sleeping asound. But me and him still awake watching vcd. After the show has ended. He asked for restroom. Then we have our short chat... He say the kids look so cute like baby slpin.We wake them up to go to the restroom. We reached back KL at about 10pm. Then we separated there... So sad rite... But i went back to my cousins house.

Last day in KL.
In the morning we had our breakfast. Then we visited aunt3. Afternoon came back then Ah B gor my cousin bring me go shopping. That Ethan dun allow me to go wor. So naughty... Wan to come along also, but i didnt let him come along also la. Then at night i went to my cousin's Cai yun jie jie shop to have my dinner. I did not eat much as i was sick. So i sms kien jean to tok to him. Then he ask me to eat something canot let the stomach go hungry... So i heed his advice and ate something. After dinner we sat there then the adults chat. I so bored there. Then around 10.30pm i left the shop and went to the place where i take bus back to singapore. THe bus was late. B4 i go, i sms to all my cousins, nephew and niece to say goodbye. So sad to leave.. sob sobz...

Thanks for some info. provided by my nephew Kien Jean... Cos i cant realli remember all the things that the tour guide say. Realli veri envy him, can rmb wat the tour guide say... Haha.. Dun play play wor... He from Malaysia the University wor... As we study the history of malaysia, as i guess everyone shld know that goin in to the University there for chinese student is not an easy task... Thus this prove that he is realli clever... ^_^

I'm goin back to KL soon...Yippee... So happy... Nx wednesday goin back... tata... gtg ... byez


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