Friday, March 04, 2005

I juz got back all my test result except Social Studies today... Wan to cry out loud man... all my sub like pass by 1 to 2 marks lor... i also dunno is it becos have too mani test a day cant cope or wat.... I realli want to KILL MR TAN CHIN KUANG !!! He bluff our class lo... Say chapter 1-5 of physic will come out alot then muz study in the end is the chapter waves and sound came out the most... He hai wo men lo !!! Next time i wun believe him le .... Out of all the subject my E maths score the best... 32/40... So happy... But only one subject score well...Then ytd juz have my english test... Sure will fail de my eng so 'good' lo... i think tiz term sure will need to see parent de .. Hai sianz man!

Hate sec 4 life... So stress then everyday have to stay in school till so late... I still prefer sec 3 life aleast my godbrother still around can talk to... Now like so lonely in sch then if 4get to bring sumthing no one to borrow from... Last time dunno how to appreciate my godbro now regret also no use he leave school liao. Then now dun even have the time to chat to him on phone. So sad... :`(

Me hor dunno why nowadays so guai lo... Kept taking out TYS to do... Veri weird of me to do that. My class still heck care heck care then i so different. Dunno wat is wrong with me. Maybe after see my ex gor score so well so hor began to Zi Bei then start to do de... Hope will score well for tiz yr de O-levels...

Gtg le.. have to go continue do TYS le... ^_^


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