Friday, December 09, 2005

Day 15 and 16

Monday ( My First Snow ) 5/12/2005

That day afternoon i was watching tv.... From a distance i saw a woman walking with her dog and then i realised that it has began to snow !!! i'm so happy!!! This is my first snow... It's so beautiful as it falls from the skies... So soft and gentle... It took quite a long while for the bare field to be filled with snow...

At night, around 11plus, i went out to play the snow and made my veri first small snow man!!! Heez.... It's a real small one as the snow deposit is not enough to make a big one.... That time it was snowing too... I played around and try making my first snow balls to hit at the trees as i do not wan to break any windows.. hehe... I stayed out for awhile and then went back to the house...

Photos :


Tuesday 6/12/2005

I'm sick!!! I slept the whole day .... I only had my dinner which is wonton soup with shrimps and pork... It was bought from a vietnam restaurant... It taste real nice...



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