Thursday, December 01, 2005

USA Trip ( Day 2 )


I went to the American Musuem of Natural History... It's a nice musuem... Inside there have some extinct animals like the skeleton's of dinosaur, some man-made extinct mammals like the mammoth, different cultures of different races and space... It's a realli nice place to go to... Although we didn't visit some of the places which we are not interested in... I also had my lunch there ( chicken noodle soup)... Well the noodles they sell are not those we ate but is made of flour and is a small rectangle shape...

Here are some pictures of the museum

new 001 new 003

Their christmas tree... Aren't they beautiful ??

new 002

I also went to their souvenir stores to buy sumthing... Actually i wanted to buy the tornadoes bottle( when it shakes a tornadoe will be form).. In the end i bought someting else cos i think it's not worth it... I also did try the peppermint dry ice-cream ( for eating in space)... It taste dry and it melts in the mouth... After tasting it, it's very thirsty and so we went to the watercooler to drink water... Just to tell u guys... It's very common to have watercoolers in every malls, museum and etc...

After that we went to chinatown to eat... The food there is not bad but is not that good if compared to those in Singapore or Asians' Countries...


In the next few days there might not be much post cos i will be visiting other places in Washington D.C and Virginia...


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