Friday, December 16, 2005

Day 17 and 18

Wednesday 7/12/2005

We went to the great falls today... It's near to afternoon when we got there... It's very chilly out there... Normally there's water, there will be wind... It's a very beautiful place... I love all the rapids... It's so nice... Anyway the water is extremely rough as there's ppl who went for some excitement and died there... It's so sad

We also went to the bakery to buy some pretzels and i bought a fruit cake... The fruit cake is very nice and tasty... I love it... The pretzels taste great too... I like it alot... Even more than singapore's bread... They have lotsa cakes, cookies and etc... I wanted to try some of it but cant cos i just recovered... Then i also have a huge ucler... So i have to abstain from all the stuff...

Photos :


Thursday 8/12/2005

Basically, i stayed at home the whole day to pack my stuff as i'm going to florida the next day... At night we cant go anywhere as tml's flight is at 6+ am... Thus we have to wake up early the next day to check in and stuff like tat..



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